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Summary Conference Schedule (As of 2018-08-21)
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Presenter 1
Title (P#)
Monday - 8:30 AM
P3058:30 AM110 min105Alyssa Clarke9-12AssessmentWS: Formative Assessment using Breakout Boxes (P305)N
P3068:30 AM110 min121Jeremy Benson3-12TechnologyWS: Coding in the Classroom - Making it Relevant (P306)N
P3048:30 AM110 min164Elizabeth MartinezK-2NGSS BasicsWS: NGSS and 3D Science Instruction for K-2 (P304)N
P3028:30 AM110 min166Dr. Deb MorrisonK-12AssessmentWS: Equitable 3D Science Assessment: Strategies for Adapting or Designing NGSS Aligned Assessment (P302)N
P3018:30 AM110 min167Katie White3-8STEM/ENGWS: Project Kid Tech (P301)N
P3038:30 AM110 min256Michael Heinz5-8SEPs & CCCsWS: You Be the Chemist: Essential Elements in Chemistry (P303)N
P1768:30 AM50 min260Carol BakerK-12STEM/ENGUnderstanding Engineering Design in NGSS (P176)N
P1758:30 AM50 min261Jeff GrantK-12STEM/ENGGrowing Plants = Fruitful Educational Yields (P175)
P1788:30 AM50 minAudTodd RoachK-12OtherScience of Eating and Stress (P178)
P3008:30 AM110 minOff-SiteCelina EscamillaK-12Stud Proj/TripWS: iFLY Naperville Indoor Skydiving: Hands-On STEM Experience (P300)
Monday - 9:30 AM
P1779:30 AM50 min260Carol BakerK-12AssessmentAssessing NGSS (P177)N
P1819:30 AM50 min261Gil DowneyK-8NGSS BasicsNGSS-ification of Science Teaching and Learning (P181)N
P1799:30 AM50 minAudDurban Rose RipleyK-12OtherReimagining a REAL world STEM Program (P179)
Monday - 10:30 AM
P11710:30 AM50 min119Tracee Nurczyk-Fleming9-12OtherTeaching the Whole Student (P117)
P20210:30 AM50 min121Peter BohacekHS PhyAssessmentAssessing Scientific Process Skills in Physics (P202)N
P11510:30 AM50 min162Susan DahlK-2SEPs & CCCsEarly Learning Physical Science in 3-Dimensions (P115)N
P11110:30 AM50 min166Blake Zinn6-8AssessmentUsing the Performance Expectations to Design Summative and Formative Middle School Tasks (P111)N
P12410:30 AM50 min167Natalie Coleman3-5Gen Sci TchScience: Illuminate the Path to Language Learning (P124)N
P13410:30 AM50 min256David Rafferty-FlatterHS EarthGen Sci TchThe study of Mars and Earth through the words of The Martian. (P134)N
P12110:30 AM50 min260Melanie Zenisek6-8STEM/ENGNovel Engineering (P121)N
P13010:30 AM50 min261Tracy Rogers-TrybaK-12Stud Proj/TripHacking a Growth Mindset (P130)N
P13510:30 AM50 min265Colleen Zenner9-12Sci LitThe Power of Science Literacy (P135)N
P13210:30 AM50 min266Nanci GreeneK-12Sci LitAny Questions? (P132)N
P20410:30 AM50 minAudEmily Schoerning9-12Gen Sci TchTeaching Socially Controversial Topics with NGSS: Strategies to Reduce Conflict (P204)N
Monday - 12:30 PM
P14512:30 PM50 min119Colin Plach9-12STEM/ENGProcess Not Product : Engineering in Science (P145)N
P14712:30 PM50 min162Michaele HallettK-2STEM/ENGGet Your Game On (P147)N
P15212:30 PM50 min164Jill AlexanderAdminSci AdminScience Leadership Meeting (P152)
P13612:30 PM50 min167Michele CozzaK-12SEPs & CCCsDemystifying STEM - Earthquake Proof Towers and Engineering Design (P136)N
P18012:30 PM50 min256Brad Christensen6-12STEM/ENGFree Career-based STEM Lessons for NGSS (P180)N
P11212:30 PM50 min260Laura Riley6-8Stud Proj/TripSTEM: Model Water Tower Competition (P112)N
P13112:30 PM50 min261Dr. Molly WegnerK-12Gen Sci TchNGSS and Teacher Evaluation (P131)N
P15112:30 PM50 min265Anne Semenske9-12Gen Sci TchJ.S Morton High School District 201 Implementing Argument Driven Inquiry (ADI) (P151)N
P15512:30 PM50 min266Dr. Ben Margolis9-12Stud Proj/TripAutopsy Live (P155)N
P20112:30 PM50 minAudJose Francisco Salgado9-12STEM/ENGCommunicating Science through Art (P201)
Monday - 1:30 PM
P1251:30 PM50 min119Collin VoigtHS ChemGen Sci TchStoich for the Masses (P125)
P1481:30 PM50 min121SunAh "Sunny" LeeHS PhySEPs & CCCsImplementing NGSS HS-PS2-1 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions (P148)N
P1271:30 PM50 min162Nicole Resnick RossK-8Sci LitLittle Changes: Evolving Your Lessons with Informational Text and Inquiry Activities (P127)N
P1281:30 PM50 min164Michael LeeAdminSci AdminLeading in a Way That Matters (P128)
P1231:30 PM50 min166Tabitha Galaty6-8SEPs & CCCsArgument Based Inquiry in Middle School Science (P123)N
P1331:30 PM50 min167David Hernandez3-5SEPs & CCCsRevolutionizing the Recycling Process (P133)N
P1461:30 PM50 min256Kevin KnapikHS BioSci LitBuilding Models of the Microbial World (P146)N
P1261:30 PM50 min260Brooke Siembab6-8NGSS BasicsTransitioning Curriculum to NGSS (P126)N
P1431:30 PM50 min261Scott ParkerK-12NGSS RsrcsLooking at NGSS, CER and the 4 C (P143)N
P1191:30 PM50 min265Suzy Trzaskus9-12Sci LitScientific Literacy in Reading and Process (P119)N
P1441:30 PM50 min266JulieAnn Villa9-12SEPs & CCCsScience Communication in Your Classroom (P144)N
P2031:30 PM50 minAudDr. Deb MorrisonK-12NGSS BasicsEquity within NGSS: Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Science Classroom (P203)N
Monday - 2:30 PM
P1102:30 PM50 min119Phil Culcasi9-12Gen Sci TchIntegrate Energy as Common Theme in Your Core Science Curriculum (P110)N
P1142:30 PM50 min162Laura McCoyK-8NGSS RsrcsProject Learning Tree- NGSS in Your Backyard (P114)N
P1502:30 PM50 min166George NelsonK-8SEPs & CCCsMiddle School Modeling Instruction (P150)N
P1222:30 PM50 min167Melanie Zenisek3-5Sci LitSTEM through Science Literacy (P122)N
P1132:30 PM50 min256Kim Smith9-12STEM/ENGScience and Art at the Cemetery (P113)N
P1292:30 PM50 min260Kelly Schmidt6-8NGSS RsrcsNGSS Resources (P129)N
P1162:30 PM50 min261Chris SloaneK-12TechnologyGot Chromebooks? Data Collection in a 1-1 Chromebook, iPad, or BYOD Classroom (P116)N
P1392:30 PM50 min265Daniel FInlayson9-12AssessmentCER in the Science Classroom (P139)N
P1492:30 PM50 min266Farah DavisHS ChemNGSS BasicsTransitioning to NGSS without Reinventing the Wheel (P149)N
P2002:30 PM50 minAudTom FlanaganK-12Gen Sci TchThe Science of Learning: What research reveals about the nature of learning and how to nurture it (P200)N

N - Indicates presentation is aligned with NGSS.

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