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Summary Conference Schedule (As of 2022-08-18)
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Presenter 1
Title (P#)
Mon - 8:30 AM
8:30 AM50 min101-BKen Wester6-8Gen Sci TchUsing Argumentation to Discuss Phenomena (P128)N
8:30 AM50 min164Christine Moskalik3-5STEM/EngWhat's The Buzz: A fun, interdisciplinary, hands-on activity with circuits, engineering, and bees (P136)N
8:30 AM50 min162Adrianne Toomey9-12TechnologyPep up your presentation with Pear Deck (P147)
8:30 AM50 min119Amanda EarlyHS PhySEPs & CCCsParticle Nature of Light and Modern Physics FREE Instructional Materials (P160)N
8:30 AM50 min261Marnina ThompsonHS BioSEPs & CCCsUsing Table Talks To Help Students Engage In Argument From Evidence & Communicate Scientific Info (P166)N
8:30 AM50 min101-CMargaret FranzenHS ChemAssessmentModels and Modeling as a Means of Assessment: Exploring the Polar Nature of Water (P172)N
8:30 AM50 min101-AChris Vaughan6-8Conf Theme: ESStarLab Portable, Digital Planetarium: Starry Night - Phases of the Moon (6-8) (P192)N
8:30 AM110 minOff-SiteCelina EscamillaK-12Stud Proj/TripWS: iFLY Indoor Skydiving: Hands-On STEM Experience (W201)N
8:30 AM110 min105Carol BakerK-12Conf Theme: ESWS: Build Your Own Refractor Telescope AND Take it With You (W202)N
8:30 AM110 min166Brett Moulding6-8SEPs & CCCsWS: Teaching Science is Phenomenal! (W203)N
8:30 AM50 min260Prof. Bruce W. FoukeK-12Conf Theme: ESFS: How Many Forms of Life Are There Anyway? (F304)
Mon - 9:30 AM
9:30 AM50 min101-BDarin Christianson6-8SEPs & CCCsChemical Reactions: Designing Better Chemical Batteries (P124)N
9:30 AM50 min260Kyle KauffmanK-12Assessment3D Proficiency Scales: Clarity for Integrated Learning Performances (P125)N
9:30 AM50 min167Ray Scolavino9-12Sci LitUsing Dialogues to Engage Students in Science (P126)N
9:30 AM50 min164Courtnye Jackson3-5Sci LitScience Journals & Interactive Notebooks (P135)N
9:30 AM50 min162Julie Widinski9-12TechnologyTechnology in the Science Classroom: How to incorporate technology and keep collaboration & content (P142)N
9:30 AM50 min101-CDavid HernandezK-8STEM/EngFighting Fire with STEM (P157)N
9:30 AM50 min256Amanda WoszczakHS ESSSEPs & CCCsExpand, Challenge, Assess: Integrate the NGSS SEP's into Your Earth Science Class (P175)N
9:30 AM50 min101-AChris Vaughan9-12Conf Theme: ESStarLab Portable, Digital Planetarium: Starry Night - The Universe, Galaxies, & Stars (9-12) (P193)N
9:30 AM50 minAudSheryl ShieldsK-12OtherFS: The Happe Teacher: 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Stress a Whole Lot Less (F306)
Mon - 10:30 AM
10:30 AM50 min105Jeremy BensonK-8Conf Theme: ESSplashdown! A Hands-On Engineering Challenge (P120)
10:30 AM50 min256Darin ChristiansonHS ESSNGSS RsrcsProspecting for Mineral Ore (P123)N
10:30 AM50 min162Susan Merten6-8Sci LitPromoting Science Literacy through Science Current Events (P129)
10:30 AM50 min261Carol Grant9-12Gen Sci TchTime Saving Tips & Tricks (P162)
10:30 AM50 min167Daun Biewenga9-12NGSS RsrcsUsing NGSS Assessment Task Screening Tools (P169)N
10:30 AM50 min101-CMargaret FranzenHS BioGen Sci TchExploring Protein Structure-Function in the Context of West Nile Virus in Northern Illinois (P171)N
10:30 AM50 minAudScott ManleyK-12Conf Theme: ESFS: Everyday Rocket Science & Space Exploration (F301)
10:30 AM50 min166Angela Kolonich, Ph.DK-12NGSS BasicsFS: Developing Inclusive, Three-Dimensional Physical Science Classrooms (Grades 6-12) (F305)N
Mon - 11:30 AM
11:30 AM50 min162Jill AlexanderAdminSci AdminSouth Suburban Science Supervisors meeting (P156)N
Mon - 12:30 PM
12:30 PM50 min256Jeremy BensonHS ESSConf Theme: ESHabitat for Humanity - In Space! (P121)
12:30 PM50 min164Melanie Zenisek3-5Sci LitScience Through Stories (P134)N
12:30 PM50 min162Josh RatliffK-12TechnologyTechnology Addiction (P165)N
12:30 PM50 min167Kevin KnapikHS BioNGSS RsrcsBreeding Behavior: Teaching Genetic Change Using Storylines (P168)N
12:30 PM50 min101-BTaylor Tobey6-8SEPs & CCCsTaking Your Driving Question Board to the Next Level (P174)N
12:30 PM50 min101-AChris Vaughan9-12Conf Theme: ESStarLab Portable, Digital Planetarium: Starry Night - Making Cross Curricular Connections (K-12) (P194)N
12:30 PM50 min260Daniel L. BrownAdminAssessmentIllinois Science Assessment (ISA) & Science Education in Illinois (P195)N
12:30 PM110 min166Brett Moulding9-12SEPs & CCCsWS: Engaging Students in 3D Science Performances (W204)N
12:30 PM110 min119Nathan A. UntermanHS PhyOtherWS: STEP UP (W205)N
12:30 PM50 minAudGeoffrey A. LandisK-12Conf Theme: ESFS: Exploring Mars (F307)
Mon - 1:30 PM
1:30 PM50 min261Tarek Cattan9-12Gen Sci TchUsing Project-Based Learning to Build an Engaging Classroom (P141)N
1:30 PM50 min256Alex HofeldtHS ESSConf Theme: ESTeaching Space Science with Big History (P145)N
1:30 PM50 min101-CDanica EsquivelHS ChemSTEM/EngEmit Your Creativity; Easy as 1, 2, Chemistry! (P154)N
1:30 PM50 min105Amanda EarlyK-8SEPs & CCCsUsing the Science and Engineering Practices to Explore Force, Motion, and Energy! (P159)N
1:30 PM50 min162Nicole VickK-12NGSS RsrcsIntroduction to Productive Talk (P164)N
1:30 PM50 min167Gillian King-Cargile9-12STEM/EngSTEM and the Scream: Harnessing Horror in the Classroom (P170)N
1:30 PM50 min101-BTaylor Tobey6-8AssessmentAssessing the SEP's (P173)N
1:30 PM50 min101-AChris VaughanK-12NGSS RsrcsStarLab Portable, Digital Planetarium: Layered Earth (6-12) (P190)N
1:30 PM50 minAudProf. Bruce W. FoukeK-12Conf Theme: ESFS: Yellowstone Extremophiles in NASA's Cosmic Search for Life: "I Want to Believe" (F303)
Mon - 2:30 PM
2:30 PM50 min167Jennifer StollHS BioAssessmentPerformance Assessment for Mitosis/Meiosis (P132)N
2:30 PM50 min166Blake ZinnK-12AssessmentHow to Design 3-D Assessment in NGSS (P133)N
2:30 PM50 min105Dr. Brad ChristensenK-8STEM/EngSTEM Activities Using Stuff You Already Have (P138)N
2:30 PM50 min119Dave BaranHS PhyGen Sci TchOld Dog - New Tricks: Learning and using modeling in the classroom (P143)N
2:30 PM50 min260Alex HofeldtK-12Sci LitNGSS and SEL Standards - A Perfect Match (P144)N
2:30 PM50 min101-BPaula Mueller6-8STEM/EngMiddle Schoolers Talk Science with Science Olympiad (P152)N
2:30 PM50 min261Elissa Gong9-12AssessmentGrading for Equity: Shifting the Focus to Empower Students (P153)N
2:30 PM50 min256Laura McCoyHS ESSConserv/SustaiClimate Change- A Hot Topic (P155)N
2:30 PM50 min101-AChris VaughanK-8Conf Theme: ESStarLab Portable, Digital Planetarium: Starry Night - The Solar System (K-5) (P191)N
2:30 PM50 minAudKevin HehmeyerK-12Conf Theme: ESFS: Using the New Space Race to Inspire Students in the Classroom (F302)

N - Indicates presentation is aligned with NGSS.

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