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Summary Conference Schedule (As of 2023-03-31)
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Title (P#)
Assessment in the Science Classroom
8:30 AM50 min166Christopher Milo9-12Alternatives to Traditional Assessing: Goal Setting and Learning for Mastery (P155)
9:30 AM50 min101-BTaylor Tobey6-8Assessment Exploration: What do Students Really Know? (P154)N
10:30 AM50 min101-CCynthia MorainHS ChemDeveloping Performance Tasks in Science (P159)N
10:30 AM50 min166Blake ZinnK-123-D Unit Design and Assessment (P122)N
12:30 PM50 min101-BBrian Gane3-5Using Rubrics and Multidimensional Asmt. to Promote Students' Sci. Learning (P126)N
1:30 PM50 min166Vivian Turek9-12Using the Science and Engineering Practices to Access Student Performance (P166)N
1:30 PM50 minAudDr. Carol K. BakerK-12What's a Cluster?: The Illinois Science Assessment (P134)N
2:30 PM50 min101-CDr. Carol K. BakerK-12What's a Cluster? [Part 2 - See Full Description for Prerequisites] (P180)N
Conservation and Sustainability
10:30 AM50 min162Spring Duffey9-12Northeastern Illinois Envirothon Competition (P168)
Earth & Space Science
8:30 AM110 min101-ANico CarverK-12WS: Capturing Star Trails with a Smartphone (P301)
9:30 AM50 min166Chauntelle MatosHS ESSUsing Student-Created TedX Talks To Promote Global Collab. and Cross-Curr. Conn. (P172)N
10:30 AM50 minAudMei-Li HeyK-12Into the Unknown: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (P201)N
12:30 PM50 minAudNico CarverK-12What is Astrophotography and Why Does it Matter? (P202)
General Science Teaching Topics
9:30 AM50 min101-CElaine KollarHS ChemIt's All Fun and Games in High School Chemistry (P132)
1:30 PM50 min101-BNicholas PapineauK-8Inquiry & The NGSS (P136)N
2:30 PM50 min167Meagan Bushell Savoie6-8Creating Phenomenon-based Learning Units (P160)N
Implementing NGSS SEPs & CCCs
9:30 AM50 min105Liz MartinezK-8Chocolate! (K-5 Welcome) (P146)N
10:30 AM50 min105Liz MartinezK-8What's ELA Got to do With It? Integrating Science and Literacy (K-5 Welcome) (P148)N
NGSS Basics & Essentials
8:30 AM50 min105Liz MartinezK-8Erosion, Flooding, and Engineering, Oh My! (3-8 Welcome) (P145)N
9:30 AM50 minAudDr. Carol K. BakerK-12NGSS Refresh (P135)N
12:30 PM110 min101-AKarin KleinK-12WS: Everything You Want to Know About NGSS but Are Afraid to Ask (P302)N
NGSS Resources
8:30 AM50 min101-CKevin KnapikHS BioMessage Received: Teaching Gene-Environment Interactions in Animal Comm. (P157)N
12:30 PM50 min167Nicole VickHS ChemUsing Forces to Connect Energy and Matter in OpenSciEd Chemistry (P137)N
2:30 PM50 min101-BMegan Kuhl-HorbinK-8Virtual Arboretum: Digital Resources to Bring the Forest into Your Classroom (P139)N
8:30 AM50 minAudGary WheatonK-12The Lighter Side of Science [Stand-up Comedy] (P167)N
2:30 PM50 min105Megan ServosHS ChemThe Science of Bath Fizzies (P169)
Science Literacy
10:30 AM50 min167Michael Tobin9-12Implementing CERs to Improve Critical Thinking and Writing Skills (P129)N
STEM, STEAM, & Engineering
8:30 AM50 min101-BBecky Gibson6-8Let's DIVE-in to Engineering and the Engineering Design Process (P163)N
8:30 AM50 min162Scott AlbrightAdminWEGO STEM: Targeted Experiences based on Students' Interests (P130)
9:30 AM50 min162Rachel Stasi9-12Integrating NGSS Engineering Design in the High School Phys. Sci. Classroom (P150)N
9:30 AM50 min167Erin Horan9-123D printing and Makerspace Technology in the Classroom (P156)
10:30 AM50 min101-BDavid Hernandez3-5Fighting Fire with STEAM (P141)N
12:30 PM50 min101-CChristine Moskalik6-8Saving Skee-Ball: Applying Engineering & Science with a Fun Storyline (P127)N
12:30 PM50 min166Carl Armstrong9-12Climate Fiction: Using Story to Engage Student Optimism (P120)
1:30 PM50 min105Nicole HeaverK-8Science Achievement with Augmented and Virtual Reality (P147)N
1:30 PM50 min167Heather ArnettHS PhyRocketry + Avionics: Taking Data to New Heights (P149)N
2:30 PM50 min101-AMark AdamsHS PhyDetect Cosmic Rays in Your Classroom (P153)N
2:30 PM50 minAudLaTina TaylorK-12Returning to the Moon: NASA's Artemis Missions (P133)N
Student Projects and Field Trips
12:30 PM50 min162Deanna MazanekAdminStarting a Local STEM for Girls Conference (P162)
1:30 PM50 min101-CGregory J. BaysHS PhyProject-Based Learning Experiences in a Physics First Classroom (P152)N
Technology in the Science Classroom
1:30 PM50 min162Tom Martinez6-8Beginner Biotech: Gel Electrophoresis & Micropipetetting for the STEM Clsrm (P123)N
2:30 PM50 min162Tom MartinezHS BioVisualize Transcription and Translation in Real-Time using Hands-On Tools (P124)N

N - Indicates presentation is aligned with NGSS.

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