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Summary Conference Schedule (As of 2019-08-23)
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Title (P#)
Assessment in the Science Classroom
08:30 AM50 min266Elissa Gong9-12Grades Stink, Learning Rules: Shifting the Focus to Empower Students (P170)
10:30 AM50 min101-BBlake Zinn6-83 Dimensional Assessment in the NGSS (P120)N
12:30 PM50 min164Jill KrysinskiK-12NGSS Assessments: How will we know they are learning? (P130)N
12:30 PM50 min260Chris CassidyHS ChemTurning labs into assessments (P125)N
Conservation and Sustainability
08:30 AM50 min260Anne SemenskeK-12Monarch Butterfly Ecological Engineering Project (P177)N
10:30 AM50 minAUDDr. Mark EakinK-12Chasing Coral Bleaching: Dying Reefs and Hope for the Future (P203)
General Science Teaching Topics
08:30 AM50 min256Carrie Cioni3-5Think Like a Scientist- Curriculum Designed for Earth Systems (P163)N
09:30 AM50 minAUDEmily GraslieK-12Curiosity as a Catalyst (P204)
10:30 AM50 min166Laura TurngrenHS BioEngaging AP Biology Students In Visible Learning (P123)
10:30 AM50 min256Carrie Cioni3-5Engaging Activities to Teach Waves and Energy Transfer (P164)N
12:30 PM50 min101-CKate SearcyK-12Scientific Modeling - Explaining Phenomena (P127)N
12:30 PM50 min256Amanda VreelandK-8Critical Thinking Through a Scientific Lens (P152)N
01:30 PM50 min256Melanie ZenisekK-8Science for English Language Learners: Tips and Trick for your classroom (P144)N
01:30 PM50 min266Matthew Sloan9-12Reconciling external content standards with engaging students in experiential/active learning. (P140)N
01:30 PM50 minAUDDr. Taylor ChappleK-12The Science of Sharks: Past, Present and Future (P202)
02:30 PM50 min101-CSarah Stoub9-12Gamification: How to make it work in your class at a big or small scale (P146)
02:30 PM50 min162Justin StrohHS BioCo-Teaching in an NGSS-Aligned Biology Class (P161)N
02:30 PM50 min167Tabitha Galaty6-8Un-CER (P147)N
Implementing NGSS SEPs & CCCs
08:30 AM50 min167Amanda EarlyK-8Forces & Motion: Engaging in the Science and Engineering Practices (P150)N
10:30 AM50 min162Patrick R. GanHS PhyUsing Diagrams to Empower Struggling Learners in the Physics Classroom (P142)N
10:30 AM50 min266Kim Smith9-12Using Chicagoland, its people, and places to teach Science (P165)N
12:30 PM50 min101-BEmily Stankovic6-8Notice and Wonder: Asking better questions (P138)N
12:30 PM110 min105Mike Heinz6-8WS: You Be the Chemist: Essential Elements in Chemistry (P307)N
01:30 PM50 min261Sean Gormley6-8Practicing and Assessing the SEPs (P153)N
02:30 PM50 min260Sue BoberHS ChemChemistry: So What Are Your Students REALLY Thinking? (P179)N
NGSS Basics & Essentials
08:30 AM50 min162Philip MatthewsHS PhyAnalyzing Phenomena with Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (P206)N
12:30 PM110 min119Elizabeth MartinezK-2WS: NGSS & 3D Science Instruction for K-4 (P308)N
01:30 PM50 min162Philip Matthews9-12Using Phenomena in the Physical Sciences (P207)N
NGSS Resources
09:30 AM50 min167Dr. Carol K. BakerK-8Elevate Science! NGSS in the K-5 Classroom (P181)N
10:30 AM50 min167Dr. Carol K. Baker6-8Elevate Science! NGSS in the Middle School Classroom (P175)N
12:30 PM50 min167Laura Riley6-8NSTA: Science Scope for Middle Level Teachers (P141)N
01:30 PM50 min260Melody FriedHS ChemConnecting Students to University Research Through ROCHSS (P135)N
12:30 PM50 min266Ashley Remegi9-12Neuro Teaching: Brain Science and the Future of Education (P149)
01:30 PM50 min167Stacy Martinez6-8Science Olympiad Team: Inspiring STEM Careers (P160)N
02:30 PM50 min101-BElaine Larson6-8National Geographic's Geo-Inquiry Process in Action (P134)N
02:30 PM50 min119Jill KrysinskiK-2Always Time for Science (P132)N
02:30 PM50 min166Marisa German9-12Integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Strategies to Support Students with Learning Diff. (P159)
02:30 PM50 min266Eric Lasky9-12How to use Competencies in Science (P124)N
Science Administration
11:30 AM50 min162Jill AlexanderAdminScience Leadership Meeting (P137)
Science Literacy
09:30 AM50 min256Melanie Zenisek3-5Science Through Stories (P145)N
10:30 AM50 min164Sheri Donovan9-12Western Bias in Science (P168)
12:30 PM50 min166Kevin KnapikHS BioGlucose Regulation and Human Memory: Using Context to Teach Complex Systems (P174)N
01:30 PM50 min166Kevin KnapikHS BioTeaching Neuroscience through Case Studies (P176)N
STEM, STEAM, & Engineering
08:30 AM110 min105Shanna PiggottK-12WS: Makerspace in Your Space (P301)N
08:30 AM110 min119Dr. David Gatchell9-12WS: An Introduction to Human-Centered-Design: Identifying Opportunities (P304)
08:30 AM50 min164Joann Purcell9-12Tuva: A New Way to Explore Data (P136)
09:30 AM50 min101-BDavid Hernandez6-8Ice Truckers: "The Martian Cargo Rover" (P172)N
09:30 AM50 min164Kevin Martin9-12Innovative Remote Smart Home for Immersive Engagement (P173)N
09:30 AM50 min166Tom MartinezHS BioBiotechnology: Developing a Semester Long Course (P178)
10:30 AM50 min260Sherri C. RukesHS ChemDeepen your students' STEM experience through Inquiry/Engineering (P180)N
12:30 PM110 min121Mark AdamsHS PhyWS: Detect Cosmic Rays in your Classroom (P303)N
12:30 PM50 min162Meghan WiesbrockHS BioPlanting roots with the next generation: A podcast to engage students in STEM careers (P121)N
12:30 PM50 minAUDDr. Robert M. KeyK-12Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) Program (P205)
02:30 PM50 min164Safwan Omari9-12A Deep Dive into the Python Programming Language for Next Generation Programmers (P167)
02:30 PM50 minAUDRyan L. ProutyK-12My Life of Adventure as a Manager at NASA with the ISS (P201)
Student Projects and Field Trips
08:30 AM50 min101-BBeatrise Revelins6-8Let's Race: Drone Racing at the Middle School (P122)N
08:30 AM110 minOff-SiteCelina EscamillaK-12WS: iFLY Naperville Indoor Skydiving: Hands-On STEM Experience (P306)
09:30 AM50 min101-CPeg SteffenK-12Getting started with Game Design in the Classroom (P166)N
01:30 PM50 min101-BTommie Arens6-8The Meeting of Two Worlds - Integrating Computer Science Into NGGS (P155)N
01:30 PM50 min101-CGillian King-CargileK-12STEM Read Field Trips: Learn the STEM, Live the Book (P157)N
01:30 PM50 min164Durban Ripley9-12Reimagining a REAL world STEM Program (P169)
01:30 PM110 minOff-SiteDr. Andrew HippK-12WS: The Morton Arboretum: Student Directed Research and Experimental Design (P305)
02:30 PM50 min261Laura Riley6-8A STEM Experience: Model Water Tower Competition (P128)N
Technology in the Science Classroom
08:30 AM110 min121Kristin BryntesonK-12WS: Virtual and Augment Reality in the Classroom (P302)

N - Indicates presentation is aligned with NGSS.

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