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  • Achieve Begins Releasing PE Bundles

    Over the summer, Achieve began the rolling release of NGSS bundles. As a response to the many questions that Achieve and the writers received about how to organize the Performance Expectations into units, a group of writers and other educators created NGSS bundles. These are meant to be examples of how PEs could be organized to create curriculum for a specific subject or grade level. These bundles are only meant to be one example of how PEs could be organized/arranged. Emphasis is on creating connections between PEs so that students use multiple PEs as they answer an over arching question or solve a problem. Science teachers are also able to see how the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs) are utilized in lessons to address three dimensional learning. [more]
  • Achieve EQuIP Exemplary Rubric

    Achieve wants to bring your attention to important resources made freely available for classroom teachers through the EQuIP initiative. The EQuIP quality review process identifies exemplary CCSS-aligned instructional materials that can be broadly disseminated and used by educators across the country. There are currently 40 Exemplar or Exemplar-if-improved lessons that have been reviewed by the EQuIP Peer Review Panel and are publicly available for download on the EQuIP website, and more will be added in the coming months. [more]


  • Achieve begins releasing bundles. [more]

  • ISBE releases video on NGSS. [more]

  • Links to popular science teacher web resources. [more]

  • Links to popular science teacher social media resources. [more]


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