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  • Gross Anatomy for Teacher Education (GATE)

    Gross Anatomy for Teacher Education (GATE) is offering a 3-day professional development workshop with complete cadaveric dissection for high school anatomy teachers and college anatomy professors. It is being held locally at Rush University on July 23-25, 2018.

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  • Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) Project

    The Illinois State Board of Education and Southern Illinois University Carbondale Illinois Science Assessment partnership is currently seeking Illinois Educators and STEM professionals to participate in the 2018 Illinois Science Assessment Project. This is a unique opportunity in which several "Project Teams" will be formed to hand-score constructed-response items on the current Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) and develop original assessment items as we move toward building a new ISA.

    Want to know more? Please see the flyer (below) for information concerning opportunities and qualifications. Interested? Click on the link below to complete the 15-item interest survey, then more details will follow. Have questions or further inquiries, email

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  • Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS)

    The Illinois State Board of Education and Evaluation Systems group of Pearson are currently seeking Illinois educators to apply to participate in test development activities for the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) program. During Q2 of 2018 (April - June), they will be convening committees for the following science tests (among others): Science: Biology, Science: Chemistry, Science: Earth and Space Science, Science: Environmental Science, and Science: Physics.

    Public school educators certified in Illinois, and currently practicing in one or more of the test fields listed above are eligible. Selected participants are eligible for substitute reimbursement for their school (public school educators only), reimbursement for travel and meal expenses, and hotel accommodations, if necessary.

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  • NISE Grants

    Need funding for travel in order to present at a national conference? Want to attend the NISE Conference but your school doesn't fund out-of-district PD? Need financial assistance to run a summer STEM workshop? NISE is offering grants that might be able to help. NISE's grant program supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professional development activities for K-12 educators in the greater Chicago area. Eligible expenses the grant would cover include: reasonable travel, registration fees, and materials. (NOTE: Download the application and open in Acrobat to edit and save it. Edits made in a web browser typically won't save.)

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  • Model Water Tower Competition

    The Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association, the Westmont Public Works, and Laura Riley of Westmont Junior High School are looking for middle school teams for their annual Model Water Tower Competition. The competition requires students to design and build a working water tower with specific size and height requirements. The models are judged based on 5 categories including: cost efficiency, hydraulic efficiency, structural efficiency, design ingenuity, and interview presentation. The competition requires little of the classroom teacher's time, but success of the student is directly dependent on the student having the opportunity and encouragement to enter. Some options include (but are not limited to): an after school club, STEM Club, STEM class, or a classroom learning experience.

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  • CPDU / PD Hour Requirements

    The Illinois State Board of Education now requires approved professional development providers to record the educator's Illinois Educator Identification Number (IEIN) for all PD hours. NISE will not be able to issue Professional Development (PD) Hours (formerly CPDUs) without the educator providing the IEIN prior to the event offering PD Hours/CPDUs. Unfortunately, NISE is unable to "lookup" the educator's IEIN on their behalf. Since all approved providers will require this number going forward, it is highly recommended that educators lookup their number and have it readily available for future events. The number can be located by either contacting the appropriate district personnel in charge of licensure tracking or logging into the ISBE "Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS)" using the educator's login (

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  • Achieve Begins Releasing PE Bundles

    Over the summer, Achieve began the rolling release of NGSS bundles. As a response to the many questions that Achieve and the writers received about how to organize the Performance Expectations into units, a group of writers and other educators created NGSS bundles. These are meant to be examples of how PEs could be organized to create curriculum for a specific subject or grade level. These bundles are only meant to be one example of how PEs could be organized/arranged. Emphasis is on creating connections between PEs so that students use multiple PEs as they answer an over arching question or solve a problem. Science teachers are also able to see how the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs) are utilized in lessons to address three dimensional learning.

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Did You Know?

  • Twitter Handles
    NISE has created a list of popular science education related Twitter Handles. The list includes general topics discussed and typical meeting times. The list includes topics that have a not only focus on national topics but also local topics too.[more]
  • NISE Educator Resources
    NISE has a created several dynamic spreadsheets listing various resources for science teachers of all levels including lesson ideas and materials, professional development, awards and grants, and publication. This is maintained by NISE with teachers and providers suggesting additions to the lists.[more]