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Title:Co-Teaching in an NGSS-Aligned Biology Class (P161)
Description:Co-teaching is an intervention that our school is now using in certain sections of each content area, including our NGSS-aligned freshman biology course, that contains a general educator and a special educator. This model provides access to more general education classes and content to more students with IEPs (least restrictive environment), along with providing the necessary supports to students to increase their abilities to be successful. As the need to better support our students with IEPs in general education classes continues to grow, the partnership between general educators and special educators becomes even more important. During this session we will discuss, give suggestions, and give examples of how we utilize our strengths so all students have the ability to be successful, how we address the wide range of students within the class, how we help encourage students to take ownership of their learning, how we also incorporate the blended learning approach in our class, how we modify assessments for those that need it, and finally answer any questions you might have or get any suggestions or tips from you!
Subject:General Science Teaching Topics
Intended Audience:HS Biology
Aligned with NGSS:Yes
NGSS Level:Any Level - Presentation applicable to attendees at any level of NGSS Experience.
Type of Presentation:Lecture - Presenter(s) will primarily present information via a lecture, PowerPoint, video, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Justin Stroh, Biology and Physics Teacher
School/Organization:Barrington High School
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Presenter - 2 / Title:Jessica Surprenant, Special Education Science Teacher
School/Organization:Barrington High School
Presenter - 3 / Title:
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Time:02:30 PM
Length:50 min
Room Setup:Classrm - 2U / 38 people