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Title:What's The Buzz: A fun, interdisciplinary, hands-on activity with circuits, engineering, and bees (P136)
Description:How can a simple toothbrush-bot be used to model honey bee communication? Learners explore circuit basics through the popular toothbrush-bot activity, with a SPIN. After bots are made and decorated as a honey bee, they can be used as a model for honey bee communication and behavior. As the decorated bot moves and spins, it resembles the waggle dance, a behavior performed by scout bees to communicate the location of a flower patch/nectar source to other worker bees. Bots then "fly" (via zip-line) to an artificial flower patch (connected to a length of fishing line). In addition to developing and using models (bee communication and behavior) and exploring cause and effect relationships (circuits power a! load and bee communication), learners are introduced to life science and physical science Disciplinary Core Ideas involving interdependent relationships of insects as pollinators, as well as energy transfer. These interdisciplinary NGSS-aligned activities were done in an informal STEM enrichment setting for 2nd graders but can be easily adapted to the traditional classroom. Session participants will leave with ideas about how these activities can excite learners across different grade-levels and settings, as well as how additional content can be addressed (such as basic insect anatomy).
Subject:STEM, STEAM, & Engineering
Intended Audience:Grades 3-5
Aligned with NGSS:Yes
NGSS Level:Novice - Have transitioned some of my instruction to NGSS and Engaged Learning.
Type of Presentation:Hands-On - Attendees will be actively engaged, working in groups, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Christine Moskalik, Curriculum & Professional Dev Specialist
School/Organization:Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
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Time:8:30 AM
Length:50 min
Room Setup:Classrm - 2U / 40 people