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Title:FS: Exploring Mars (F307)
Description:Since ancient times, the red planet Mars has fascinated humans. The next planet outwards in our solar system, Mars is in some ways the most similar to Earth of all the planets, and yet also completely different, a planet featuring the largest volcano in the solar system, a continent-spanning "Grand canyon", and signs of ancient oceans and river systems. This presentation will talk about the experience of exploring Mars with the "Spirit" and "Opportunity" rover missions, as well as some of the history of the space-probes to Mars, what we have learned about the red planet (and what we have yet to learn), what's coming up next, and the possibilities of future human missions to explore and settle Mars.
Subject:Conf Theme: Earth & Space Science
Intended Audience:Unit (K-12)
Aligned with NGSS:No
NGSS Level:Not Applicable - Not an NGSS Related Presentation
Type of Presentation:Lecture - Presenter(s) will primarily present information via a lecture, PowerPoint, video, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Geoffrey A. Landis, Aerospace Engineer and Author
School/Organization:NASA Glenn Research Center
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Time:12:30 PM
Length:50 min
Room Setup:Theater / 200 people