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Title:FS: Yellowstone Extremophiles in NASA's Cosmic Search for Life: "I Want to Believe" (F303)
Description:While finding War of the Worlds creatures on a distant planet might remain the focus of covert investigation, NASA has instead placed its scientific extraterrestrial bets on finding single-celled heat-loving microorganisms (thermophile or extremophile microbes). Astrobiologists therefore view the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park as awe-inspiring natural laboratories of color, water and steam where experiments on the ecology and evolution of extremophile microbes possibly distributed around the universe can be conducted. This forum will holistically investigate the physical, chemical and biological interactions between Yellowstone's extremophile microbes, turbulent hot water and rapid mineral deposition that form the type of microbial fossils (biomarkers) now actively being sought on the ancient earth and other planets. Results are providing new insight as to how and why extremophiles either survive or are driven to extinction, as well as better understandings of the existential threat posed by the next eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. You will believe! [Materials on Conference Share.] [Intended Audience: Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Sciences]
Subject:Conf Theme: Earth & Space Science
Intended Audience:Unit (K-12)
Aligned with NGSS:No
NGSS Level:Not Applicable - Not an NGSS Related Presentation
Type of Presentation:Lecture - Presenter(s) will primarily present information via a lecture, PowerPoint, video, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Prof. Bruce W. Fouke, Geology, Microbiology, Genomics
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Time:1:30 PM
Length:50 min
Room Setup:Theater / 200 people