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Title:WS: Virtual and Augment Reality in the Classroom (P302)
Description:In a classroom, not too far away, a group of students learn about the sun while holding a 3-dimential solar system in their hands. The planets slowing spinning as they orbit our star. Another group, wearing special head gear, hikes along on a guided tour through a national park in the Rocky Mountains. Each student documenting the types of wildlife they see. While still another group works together to create a virtual model of a prehistoric forest in the corner of their classroom. Dinosaurs and all. No, this is not a futuristic classroom from the latest sci-fi flick. It could be a typical classroom of today. Immersive virtual experiences like these once seemed like something straight out of science fiction. Today, new Virtual and Augment Reality (VR/AR) tools allow teachers to create learning environments and experiences that engage students in new and innovative ways. In this session we will explore several free and low cost VR/AR tools. Participants will have an opportunity to try tools such as Merge Cube, Google Cardboard, and the 3D Bear AR app. We will also discuss ways these tools can be used in the classroom to engage learners and address the NGSS standards. (WORKSHOP - Requires Pre-Registration)
Subject:Technology in the Science Classroom
Intended Audience:Unit (K-12)
Aligned with NGSS:No
NGSS Level:Not Applicable - Not an NGSS Related Presentation
Type of Presentation:Hands-On - Attendees will be actively engaged, working in groups, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Kristin Brynteson, Director of Professional Development
School/Organization:Northern Illinois University, NIU STEAM
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Presenter - 2 / Title:Jeremy Benson, STEM Educator
School/Organization:Northern Illinois University, NIU STEAM
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Schedule Details
Time:08:30 AM
Length:110 min
Room Setup:Classrm - Flat / 40 people