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Title:Chasing Coral Bleaching: Dying Reefs and Hope for the Future (P203)
Description:Coral reefs are amazingly beautiful and complex ecosystems that support at least a quarter of all marine species. However, as ocean temperatures rise, corals have been expelling the algae that give them their color and their food, causing corals to die around the world at a record rate. Reefs have shown us that climate change is impacting nature and people now - it's not just some far-off problem we can worry about later. NOAA resources will be shared to understand this essential marine ecosystem, how we study them, and how we can help save them. We'll also explore a new film, "Chasing Coral" (available on Netflix), that takes students - and everyone else - on a journey to document and understand coral reefs and the problems they face. For those available Monday evening, we will have a screening of the Sundance- and Emmy-winning film.
Subject:Conservation and Sustainability
Intended Audience:Unit (K-12)
Aligned with NGSS:No
NGSS Level:Not Applicable - Not an NGSS Related Presentation
Type of Presentation:Lecture - Presenter(s) will primarily present information via a lecture, PowerPoint, video, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Dr. Mark Eakin, Coordinator
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Time:10:30 AM
Length:50 min
Room Setup:Theater / 200 people