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Title:A Deep Dive into the Python Programming Language for Next Generation Programmers (P167)
Description:The Python programming language has been picking up popularity over the past few years. According to PopularitY of Programming Language Index (PYPL), which ranks programming languages based on how often language tutorials are searched on Google, Python is the most popular language world-wide. Python is known for its simplicity, readability, minimal syntax clutter, intuitive and English-like syntax. For these and several other reasons, Python is becoming the programming language of choice used in introductory-level computer programming courses. On the other hand, Python provides rich built-in libraries and frameworks that enable the development of sophisticated software systems across a wide range of application domains such as Web, Internet of Things, Video Games, Natural Language Processing, Data Science and many more. Python has a unique quality in the way it appeals to first-time programmers as well as meeting the needs of professional Software Engineers. In this presentation, a mix of Python language features, built-in libraries and frameworks will be explored to demonstrate a variety of interesting applications that can be quickly built and put together with Python. The theme of these applications is two-fold. Firstly, demonstration of programs that would appeal to middle and high school students such as the kind of spectacular, yet simple programs that can be quickly developed with the turtle graphics package. Such attractive example Python code can be utilized by teachers to entice students' interest in Python and programming in general. Secondly, demonstrate, through working Python code, how easy it is to write Python scripts that would help automate day-to-day class-room tasks such as plagiarism detection and managing of one's cloud-based storage account.
Subject:STEM, STEAM, & Engineering
Intended Audience:HS (9-12)
Aligned with NGSS:No
NGSS Level:Not Applicable - Not an NGSS Related Presentation
Type of Presentation:Demonstration - Presenter(s) will demonstrate an activity, experience, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Safwan Omari, Associate Professor
School/Organization:Lewis University
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Time:02:30 PM
Length:50 min
Room Setup:Classrm - 2U / 38 people