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Title:Using Project-Based Learning to Build an Engaging Classroom (P141)
Description:Most teachers can easily visualize an engaging classroom in their mind - a room full of students engaged in lively discussion and deep learning to solve scientific problems. This type of engaging instruction is attainable through Project-Based Learning. Using Project-Based Learning, science teachers can develop unique experiences that grab student attention for days at a time. Students won't simply leave the classroom with deep knowledge of scientific content - they will be equipped with science and engineering skills that they will carry for a lifetime. In this session, teachers will explore various styles of Project-Based Learning, including solving mysteries, developing models, and debating scientific findings. During these projects, students will experience science as a series of problems to solve through experimentation, design, and discussion. Through these multi-day projects, students will utilize a large number of skills in order to solve their central problem or mystery. While Project-Based Learning serves as an incredible opportunity for students to construct their own knowledge, it is also a perfect opportunity for teachers to assess various scientific skills as students learn them. The projects explored in this session cover will cover a large number of vital Science and Engineering Practices from the NGSS curriculum, including asking questions, analyzing data, and engaging in arguments from evidence. They will also involve multiple scientific topics, including climate change, chemical reactions, and more.
Subject:General Science Teaching Topics
Intended Audience:HS (9-12)
Aligned with NGSS:Yes
NGSS Level:Any Level - Presentation applicable to attendees at any level of NGSS Experience.
Type of Presentation:Lecture - Presenter(s) will primarily present information via a lecture, PowerPoint, video, etc.
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Presenter - 1 / Title:Tarek Cattan, Instructional Coach, Science Teacher
School/Organization:H. L. Richards High School
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Time:1:30 PM
Length:50 min
Room Setup:Classrm - Tier / 64 people