NISE 2017 Workshops

  • These workshops are included with the conference and voluntary. They are "double length" sessions running for 1 hour and 50 minutes (1:50) starting the first session of the day. Several 50 minute "regular" sessions will be running at the same time for attendees who don't attend a workshop.

    In order to attend a workshop, you must sign-up prior to the conference via the link emailed to all paid attendees. Sign-up is on first come first serve basis.
  • iFLY Naperville Workshop

    STEM Workshop, Intended Audience: K-12

    Ever wanted to try skydiving? Have you considered the science behind it?

    This workshop will give you the chance to experience skydiving in the safety of a controlled, indoor wind tunnel. You will also learn about the curriculum and STEM opportunities available to you and your students via this hands-on experience with science and technology.

    NOTE: Pre-registration is required. Accepted participants will be notified how to download, sign, and bring the required waiver with them to the iFLY facility around the corner from the conference center before 8:30 am.

    Fee for workshop covered by NISE. Sign-up required and limited to 35.

  • Equitable 3D Science Assessment Workshop

    STEM Workshop, Intended Audience: K-12

    As NGSS becomes more fully implemented in schools across the U.S. teachers are being asked to design and/or adapt diagnostic, formative and summative assessments for learning. We have been working with teacher collaborators and other research teams across the country to refine tools for teachers to use in this work. Specifically, our work is focused on ensuring that, in keeping with the Framework for K-12 Science Education's vision of equity, all such assessments allow equitable opportunities for children to demonstrate what they know and are learning. This session will be in a workshop format, engaging participants in activities to use the tools and resources which are freely available through our STEM Teaching Tools ( portal.

    Presented by Dr. Deb Morrison, Research Associate at the Institute for Science and Math Education at the University of Washington College of Education.

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 40.
  • Making Coding Relevant in the Classroom

    STEM Workshop, Intended Audience: 3-12

    Driverless cars? Touch screen checkout at restaurants? Automated manufacturing? This isn't the future, it's here today. Your students need to be the designers, not just the consumers of this exploding technology.

    Arduinos micro-PCs, the Scratch platform from MIT, and the Finch robots are an increasingly common way to introduce students to the ever expanding world of coding and automation. In this session we'll discuss some creative ways that teachers can use this emergent technology to enhance their own lessons, and add relevance to student projects.

    Attendees with all levels of coding experience welcome, including those with no experience!

    Presented by Jeremy Benson, NIU STEM Camp Director at NIU's STEM Outreach.

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 25.
  • Formative Assessment using Breakout Boxes

    NGSS Workshop, Intended Audience: 9-12

    Are you tired of the same ways to check student progress? This workshop is focused on creating and interactive and engaging twist on formative assessment while harnessing the "Escape Room" fad. The use of Breakout Boxes from BreakoutEdu (who sent some freebies for us to share) will be demonstrated to gamify a classroom lesson designed to foster student collaboration to complete the tasks to solve multiple lock box codes. We will have biology and physical science examples of Breakout Boxes as well as resources to utilize to design your own breakout lesson!

    Presented by Alyssa Clarke and Elissa Gong, Science Teachers from Vernon Hills High School.

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 35.
  • Project Kid Tech Workshop

    STEM Workshop, Intended Audience: 3-8

    Enhance your academic instruction through the use of toys. Conquer the standards by motivating your student's desire to learn and be actively engaged in each lesson. This teaching method will motivate students to strategize and problem solve through exploration. Participate in an actual learning cycle where you will explore, discuss, apply, and take it further.

    Presented by Dr. Brad Christensen from the Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (CeMaST) at Illinois State University and Katie White, April Anderson, and Leslie Holycross who are 5th and 6th Grade Teachers from Westville CUSD 2.

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 40.
  • Essential Elements Workshop

    NGSS Chemistry Workshop, Intended Audience: 5-8

    This workshop is sponsored by the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) and is part of their You Be the Chemist program known as the Essential Elements. Essential Elements is based on teaching chemistry concepts through hands-on learning and real-world connections.

    The workshop is based on 5E learning cycle approach to teaching. This cycle allows students to build their own understanding of new concepts from their own experiences. During an Essential Elements workshop, the instructor will lead you through a full 5E learning cycle (ENGAGE, EXPLORE, EXPLAIN, ELABORATE, EVALUATE) utilizing exciting lessons from CEF’s YBTC Activity Guides.

    Upon completion of this workshop, K-8 teachers will have access to over 35 science laboratory activities and teaching guides that are geared to individual grade levels (K-4 and 5-8). All labs and activities use household chemicals and equipment and can be designed to meet the level of inquiry or direct instruction as deemed appropriate by the teacher.

    Presented by Michael Heinz, Department Chair and Chemistry Teacher at Downers Grove North High School.

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 40.
  • NGSS & 3D Science Instruction for K-2

    NGSS Workshop, Intended Audience: K-2

    K-2 lays the critical foundation for NGSS. Join us for an overview of 3-D teaching of science, hands-on participation in sample lessons for each of the K-2 levels, as well as ideas for ELA connections, unit planning, and assessment. Leave this workshop with ideas tailored for implementation of NGSS in your classroom.

    Presented by Elizabeth Martinez,Curriculum and Professional Development Specialist for Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 20.

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