NISE 2018 Workshops

  • These workshops are included with the conference and voluntary. They are "double length" sessions running for 1 hour and 50 minutes (1:50). Fifty (50) minute "regular" sessions will be running at the same time for attendees who don't attend a workshop.

    In order to attend a workshop, you must sign-up prior to the conference via the link emailed to all paid attendees on Nov 1, 2018. Sign-up is on a first-come first-served basis and will go out a few weeks prior to the workshop.

  • The Morton Arboretum

    NGSS Biology/Environment Workshop, Intended Audience: K-12

    This session will focus on how teachers can help facilitate student directed research and experimental design. Participants will start by looking at an active research prairie at the Morton Arboretum. Participants will then be shown how students can complete data collection, how it can transfer to student's own design, and what benefits and struggles this kind of science can produce. You will never look at a classroom lab the same way again!"

    Presented by Dr. Andrew Hipp, Senior Scientist in Plant Systematics and Herbarium Curator at The Morton Arboretum and Jeff Grant, Science Teacher at Downers Grove North High School.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    NOTE: This workshop will start PROMPTLY at 2:00 pm and go until 4:00 pm. The attendee must leave the conference center after the 12:30 pm session (leave at 1:30 pm) and drive a few miles away to The Morton Arboretum for the workshop. Detailed instructions will be provided to attendees who sign-up for the workshop.

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 24 - 2:00 to 4:00
  • iFLY Naperville Workshop

    STEM Workshop, Intended Audience: K-12

    Ever wanted to try skydiving? Have you considered the science behind it?

    This workshop will give you the chance to experience skydiving in the safety of a controlled indoor wind tunnel. You will also learn about the curriculum and STEM opportunities available to you and your students via this hands-on experience with science and technology.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    NOTE: Pre-registration is required. Accepted participants will be notified how to download, sign, and bring the required waiver with them to the iFLY facility. Participants must agree to arrive at the iFly facility around the corner from the conference center before 8:15 am.

    Fee covered by NISE - Sign-up Required - Limited to 40 - 8:15 to 10:20

  • Makerspace in Your Space

    STEM/NGSS Engineering Workshop, Intended Audience: K-12

    Come create with us! By developing makers, we develop students who are creative, collaborative, communicative critical thinkers. Join us in learning more about how to incorporate makerspace philosphies and strategies into your instruction, regardless of your budget or facilities. During this workshop, attendees will experience a makerspace design project, as well as begin to develop one of their own to support NGSS engineering practices in their classroom.

    Presented by Shanna Piggott, Instructional Coach and Deanna Mazanek, Science/CTE Department Chair from Grayslake Central High School.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 40 - 8:30 to 10:20
  • Virtual and Augment Reality in the Classroom

    STEM Workshop, Intended Audience: K-12

    In a classroom, not too far away, a group of students learn about the sun while holding a 3-dimential solar system in their hands. The planets slowing spinning as they orbit our star. Another group, wearing special head gear, hikes along on a guided tour through a national park in the Rocky Mountains. Each student documenting the types of wildlife they see. While still another group works together to create a virtual model of a prehistoric forest in the corner of their classroom. Dinosaurs and all.

    Today, new Virtual and Augment Reality (VR/AR) tools allow teachers to create learning environments and experiences that engage students in new and innovative ways. In this session we will explore several free and low cost VR/AR tools. Participants will have an opportunity to try tools such as Merge Cube, Google Cardboard, and the 3D Bear AR app. We will also discuss ways these tools can be used in the classroom to engage learners and address the NGSS standards.

    Presented by Kristin Brynteson and Jeremy Benson, Northern Illinois University STEAM group.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 20 - 8:30 to 10:20
  • Detect Cosmic Rays in your Classroom

    Physics/STEM Workshop, Intended Audience: 9-12

    Students can engage in NGSS-aligned science by performing high energy experiments with classroom detectors. QuarkNet offers hardware and web-based software so that students can analyze cosmic ray data. The Cosmic Ray e-Lab website contains over 90,000 days of data uploaded by students; available to all.

    Attendees of this workshop will explore e-Lab, watch data analysis demos, and perform two kinds of measurements: the lifetime of cosmic ray muons and the average speed muons. Teachers will have an opportunity to obtain an e-Lab account. Physics teachers are invited to join one of the three QuarkNet Centers in Illinois (NIU, UC-Fermi, UIC), and obtain their own detector.

    Presented by Mark Adams, University of Illinois Chicago, Professor Emeritus and Fermilab, QuarkNet Cosmic Ray Coordinator.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 20 - 12:30 to 2:20
  • Design Thinking

    STEM/NGSS Engineering Workshop, Intended Audience: 6-12

    Human-Centered-Design (HCD) requires that end users play a principal role in the identification of design opportunities and the subsequent development of solutions. In this workshop participants will be introduced to techniques for uncovering latent needs and converting these needs into design requirements. Using a hands-on fish bowl activity involving familiar household items (kitchen utensils), everyone will experience the benefits of ethnographic research (e.g., observation, interviewing) and exhaustive benchmarking to uncover problems with commonly used tools. In turn, these problems will be reframed as unmet needs which can be used to guide the downstream design process.

    Presented by Dr. David Gatchell, Director of Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE) at Northwestern University.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 40 - 8:30 to 10:20
  • Essential Elements Workshop

    NGSS Chemistry Workshop, Intended Audience: 5-8

    This workshop is sponsored by the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) and is part of their You Be the Chemist program known as the Essential Elements. Essential Elements is based on teaching chemistry concepts through hands-on learning and real-world connections.

    The workshop is based on 5E learning cycle approach to teaching. This cycle allows students to build their own understanding of new concepts from their own experiences. During an Essential Elements workshop, the instructor will lead you through a full 5E learning cycle (ENGAGE, EXPLORE, EXPLAIN, ELABORATE, EVALUATE) utilizing exciting lessons from CEF’s YBTC Activity Guides.

    Upon completion of this workshop, K-8 teachers will have access to over 35 science laboratory activities and teaching guides that are geared to individual grade levels (K-4 and 5-8). All labs and activities use household chemicals and equipment and can be designed to meet the level of inquiry or direct instruction as deemed appropriate by the teacher.

    Presented by Michael Heinz, Department Chair and Chemistry Teacher at Downers Grove North High School.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 40 - 12:30 to 2:20
  • NGSS & 3D Science Instruction for K-4

    NGSS Workshop, Intended Audience: K-4

    K-4 lays the critical foundation for NGSS. Join us for an overview of 3-D teaching of science, hands-on participation in sample lessons for each of the K-4 levels, as well as ideas for ELA connections, unit planning, and assessment. Leave this workshop with ideas tailored for implementation of NGSS in your classroom.

    NOTE: A similar workshop was presented last year but this is not a repeat; New materials for this year.

    Presented by Elizabeth Martinez,Curriculum and Professional Development Specialist for Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

    Workshop Schedule and Details ...

    No Fee - Sign-up Required - Limited to 20 - 12:30 to 2:20

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